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History of Buyer Agency

Buyer Agency Has Been Around For About 35 Years
Yet, even today home buyers seem surprised that there is a buyers agent that can work for them in a real estate transaction.
1983: A Real Change In Thinking
A study in 1983 by the Federal Trade Commission found that the home buyers thought the real estate agent showing them homes was working for them. They were wrong! The FTC put pressure on the states to make changes. They wanted the consumers to know who “their” agent was working for.
Circa 1990: The State of Missouri Adopts Changes in Real Estate Laws
Missouri required agents to disclose to their customers who they were working for. The agents then had to start telling home buyers that they were working in the seller’s best interest. Home buyers hearing this decided that they wanted somebody to work for them – not the seller. Thus, the beginning of the burgeoning buyer agent role in real estate.

Real Estate Agents -what are your choices?

There are several different types of real estate agents other than buyer agents, however, and you need to know the difference:

  • Listing agent is the agent who is working for the seller to sell the home.
  • Dual agent is an agent who works for the same company as the listing agent does. She/he is trying to sell the home his/her company has listed. A dual agent can’t totally represent either the buyer or the seller. She/he is working for both.
  • Subagent is an agent who does not enter into an agency agreement with you, the buyer. He/she works for a company other than the listing company of a home you are interested in purchasing. She/he is representing the seller.
  • Nonexclusive buyer’s agent is an agent who enters into an agency agreement with you to be a buyer’s agent. The agreement says however that at times he/she will be a dual agent instead of a buyer’s agent. These agents generally list homes for sale also. If they represent both the buyer and the seller they can’t represent either totally.
  • Exclusive buyer’s agent is an agent who enters into an agency agreement with you to give you 100% representation 100% of the time and never lists homes for sale.

Which Agent Should I Choose? Ask Yourself These Questions

Which agent is going to work for me 100% of the time in helping me purchase a home?


Which agent is not going to show me their listings first when they are supposed to be working for me as a buyer’s agent?

THE EXCLUSIVE BUYER’S AGENT! They don’t list homes.

Which agent is trained to be a consultant and work for me. Which agent is not trained in all the sales pitches to get me to buy a home?


Which agent spends all their time helping clients buy homes and none of their time listing and selling homes?


Which agent is going to point out all the pitfalls of the home as well as the advantages?


Which agent never works for the seller?


Which agent …… and the list could go on, but the obvious result is the same. If you want to purchase a home use an EXCLUSIVE BUYER’S AGENT!
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