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Save Time & Money

We save you time because:

  • We know the Metro St. Louis area,
  • We will meet with you and discuss what your needs and desires are,
  • We will only show you homes that meet your needs and desires,
  • We never list homes for sale so we won’t try to sell you a home that you aren’t interested in just so we can get more income.

We save your effort by:

  • We eliminate your need to drive around and look for homes that may meet your needs and desires only to find out that they do not have the amenities you are looking for or are out of your price range,
  • We will make the calls to find the best mortgages and insurance rates.

We save you money by:

  • We negotiate to get you the best purchase price,
  • We include necessary repairs in the contract,
  • We search for the best loan and rates, not just the current “market” rate, for you,
  • We work to reduce loan processing fees,
  • We work to minimize your closing costs,
  • We provide services, such as homeowner’s warranties, at cost
  • We work to save you money in any other way we can.

“It is better to buy a home than to be sold one.”